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Savannah S.

Mmm, the food is delicious, especially the rolls. They are not pre-buttered, but are very warm. The chicken is quite brown, and the greens, well just taste like regular greens. I recommend you not go there on a sunday, because the wait is very long. Other than that, i'd give it a 5 star


John S.

Ok... so this is a country cooking buffet... That being said, it is a good one. The vegetables were fresh and cooked well. The meats I tried were very good too. Fried Chicken was good but my favorite was the chicken and dumplings. As for the fried green tomatoes; they were very good as well. I've never seen so many in one pan!They are not fancy as at nicer restaurants but they are breaded just enough and cooked perfectly. I at too many!


Dominic E.

I recently came here with my grandma and I was some pleasantly surprised! The food was delicious! The standouts for me were the mashed potatoes, the lima beans, the steak tips, and the fried chicken... after looking back at the pictures I took... it was pretty much everything I had. It was so good that I'm thinking about heading home to Montgomery sooner than usual just to take my grandma here again!


Larry B.

This is trash. If you are young, don't go. This place is for old people. Food is not seasoned at all. This isn't homemade this is microwaveable food that is baked. This is add powder with water food. I'm completely dissatisfied. Y'all gotta do better


Sam M.

It's an old Ryan's that has been opened by a local. It is almost like a Chinese restaurant but serving American food.A couple dishes on the tables are Typical Chinese. The carrot salad is absolutely awful. I can tell nobody southern made it. The rest is a little bit better than average and at .50 for dinner that includes a drink, I would say this is an absolute win.The place was busy and many looked to be enjoying their food.I enjoyed it. The fried chicken was delicious.


C J.

Great food. Great value for the price. My friends and I returned twice during our business trip. Both times we left fully satisfied.


Jenny C.

Very good food.  Usually a good selection, although not a lot of beef or seafood choices.  Great veggies that're well seasoned.  Great for the price, if you want the occasional southern comfort food.


Anthony W.

Had the pleasure of stopping here for lunch on a motorcycle trip, from the moment we were greeted at the door the professional, courteous, and hospitable culture the restaurant flourished. Each and every bite was completely enjoying, to the point I did not want to stop eating. Price, you will want to pay more than they charge. I am going back, most definitely, live in Georgia. Worth the trip, highly recommended. End of story!!!


Debbie C.

We stopped in on our way out of Montgomery and I'm so glad we did. It was for us both to eat at this amazing home style buffet. I even had collard greens and cabbage!!!!!  This food is so much more like home made than anywhere we've eaten!!!  Just enough choices to satisfy anyone .  No dessert bar but great blackberry cobbler and bread pudding!  And the fried green tomatoes are the best I've had!!!!


Kathy M.

Great food, location and prices. I love fried green tomatoes and their's are always fresh and the food is fresh also.


Valerie S.

Oh how I absolutely adored this place!!!  If you need to get your fill of good ole' Southern home cooking, then this is your place.  On top of their fried green tomatoes, which are pretty darn good being made in bulk like they are, they have everything from chicken dressing, cabbage, pear salad, fried pork chops, potato salad, etc.  I piled my plate high several times and scarfed it down - the only thing I didn't like was the devilled eggs - they had something in them which we just didn't like - someone thought it was blue cheese but that's not a typical Southern thing, so I don't know.  Anyway, if there was a place like this up North where I live, I'd be in big trouble!  And I'd also be as big as a house!  Seriously though - yummy, yummy food!!!


Katrina J.

I am very disappointed at the management of this establishment. I made a reservation two weeks in advance for a large party (over 20 people), called the day of to confirm my reservation and was assured by the young lady who answered we were all set. When we arrived she said the manager gave our room to another group who showed up. They did not have a formal reservation. Of course the group looked different from my family and I. We were told sorry and you could go some where else by the manager. He did not offer a discount or anything. They pulled a few table and chairs together at the last minute and part of the group had to sit at another table separate from the group. We were celebrating my husband's birthday and had driven from North Carolina to be there. Needless to say that I will never patronize this establishment ever again. The food was so-so. The fried green tomatoes were soggy and no dessert bar. Trust me, don't reserve a room at this place. There are other places that serve the same type of food such as Martha's Place.


Sam C.

Not very often do I post reviews of restuarants I don't like, but I guess there's a first time for everything. Came here with a local, as a place for some good eats. Before I dive into the drawbacks I have to say this is a clean place, with a great staff and good ol' southern hospitality! This place has everything (good service, cleanliness, and a variety of fresh dishes and sides to choose from). However the one thing it lacks - the most important - was the quality of food. I'm no food critic, but this place just didn't do it for me. It's a buffet, so its likely its just an off day, but I am leaving still a bit hungry and unsatisfied. If you go to this place I hope its better for you!


Cheryl S.

Love the vegetables here. When I want several different types of vegetables and do not want to cook I get a carry out from here. Also, they serve good bread pudding. Staff is friendly.


M T.

Driving through Montgomery and wanted a buffet, so we stopped here. Overall, a pretty good experience. The selection was decent and everything appeared to be fresh. They definitely stayed busy while we were there, very few empty tables. The servers were trying to keep up but dirty dishes were piling up all around us. The bathroom was pretty clean. I would eat here again but we wouldn't drive all the way just to eat here.


Robert S.

I lkke the bigger building. Their prkces went up as a result but tge diversity of food makes up for it. I loved their peanut butter corn flake balls that I did not see this time around. Attentive waitresses keep tge seating area clean. Food is kept stocked well. Just wish tge staff would wipe the area around the food to keep a clean appearance.


Robert B.

After many trips to this establishment, today was substandard.  Keeping the buffet stocked is a simple task.  Today, I asked for deviled eggs three times.  The apparent  manager was clueless and incompetent.  He should choose another career path.  The server in the area I was sitting was useless as well.  She apparently  was unable to refill my beverage.  There is a server, Linda, who is outstanding.  All the other servers could learn from her.  The manager should practice the 6 P theory.  Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.


Antionette G.

I've been coming here since they moved to the new location and the food is pretty good. They can handle large crowds and keep the food rolling out of the kitchen at a considerable speed. I enjoy the buffet most of the time. My favorite item though is the chicken salad that has walnut, grapes, and onions in it . It's soooo good ! They also usually serve cheesecake I believe it's store bought but it's still good lol.


Jenny N.

This place is great!!!!! There is so much to choose from.  The food is wonderful.  Try the chicken salad you won't regret it.  Love love love. Is all I can say.  Best southern buffet in town.


Miko P.

So good! Love the mashed potatoes taste just like homemade! Good variety of food! Loved the Fried Chicken, Mac n cheese, rutabagers, cabbage. We ate in and got an order to go for my Mom and niece. For to go orders, they charge by the pound.