Cuban rice recipe

The first thing you will ask is what is Cuban rice? Just as you know, no, no.

The answer is very easy: it's a really easy dish made with white rice, homemade tomato sauce, a fried egg and a male banana. That's it.

In some cases they put sausages or other ingredients but that's what we talk about later.

How to make Cuban rice?

To prepare Cuban rice you need to have two things ready: white rice and homemade tomato sauce. In the case that you are lazy to make the sauce, or that you do not have available, you can substitute for fried tomato from the supermarket.

Here I explain how to make white rice, and how to make homemade tomato sauce.

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Making Cuban rice

More than a recipe it is a plate of food that is worth mentioning, it is very easy to make.When it is lightly browned on both sides, it is ready.
  • Serves Previously hot white rice on a plate.
  • Put the tomato sauce on top, or to the side.
  • Fry an egg in a pan and set aside rice. If you are very hungry you can put 2 eggs 🙂
  • Put the banana in the same dish also to the side.
  • Ready, you already have a simple and delicious Cuban rice.

    More versions of this recipe

    Arroz a la cubana con sausage : exactly the same as the recipe I just explained but add a roasted Frankfurt-like sausage.

    Arroz a la cubana with chips: the same but you add a serving of chips. You can also put the potatoes and the sausages.

    From here you can prepare this dish with more ingredients, for example with avocado, with grated cheese on top of the banana and even with red beans. You can also have bacon and in some cases the egg instead of fried is stirred.

    The possibilities are endless.

    An interesting fact about this dish is that very possibly if you go to Cuba and you ask for a Cuban rice they will not know what you are talking about and they will end up serving you something totally different. And it seems that this recipe is not entirely from the Caribbean island.

    Although its origin is not fully established, everything points to it being a Spanish recipe inspired by a similar dish from colonial times .

    Anyway, this is a traditional recipe, very homemade that for its simplicity can get us out of trouble when we are hungry and we do not have a full fridge that we say. It is also very rich.

    If you want a recipe that is 100% Cuban, I invite you to try the delicious rice congri, made with beans, pork and rice, obviously.

    And if you are a rice fan, then here are many rice recipes you can make at home.